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Quality Care Rooted in Tradition


St. Mary's Care Center has been a fixture in Winsted and the surrounding areas since 1960 when it was erected through donations from the community. During the fund drive to erect St. Mary's Hospital and Home, as it was initially called, people and businesses from Winsted, Hutchinson, Silver Lake, New Germany, Howard Lake, Lester Prairie, Cokato, Young America, Maple Lake, and others recognized the need and came forward to donate.

Initially St. Mary's Hospital and Home was staffed and administered by sisters of the Benedictine order from the St. Paul priory, since then it has gone through many incarnations.

In 1989, the Hospital portion of St. Mary's was closed and shortly after the space was, and is, used for one of the clinics in Winsted.

It has always served the needs of the community and is currrently managed by the Benedictine Health System which is a mission-focused health care system owned by the Benedictine sisters from Duluth, MN. These sisters have a long tradition of serving the health care needs of the communities in which they operate not for profit nursing facilities and hospitals.


St. Mary's Care Center is a Catholic health care organization dedicated to providing quality health care services.


In an environment of dignity and compassion, we respond to the health care needs of our community with competence, caring, innovation and faith.

Core Values

  • Hospitality
  • Stewardship
  • Respect
  • Justice

St. Mary's Care Center 551 Fourth Street North Suite 101, Winsted, MN 55395 (320) 485-2151